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You have found the home of the funniest and most entertaining celebrity animal since Well, since any one really! Sonic the Hedgehog has captured the minds and hearts of billions of people around the world, kids and adults alike. When Sega first introduced this tiny blue hedgehog with the wild hair style, not one person could predict the world wide phenomenon that Sonic would cause in an instant.

And now here we are, years and years later, the world is still obsessed with that little blue hero and just cannot get enough. Enter the best online Sonic gaming site on the internet today! You can revel in hundreds of free online Sonic games from a variety of different genres and styles.

Have you ever wanted to make your very own Sonic game, but could never get a job at Sega? Well now is your chance to show them all. There are a plethora of different flash sonic games that will let you play creator in more scenes and games than you can shake a hedgehogs tail at. You can have Sonic and Knuckles speeding through the Green Valley while chasing the evil Dr. Robotnik Or you can have Sonic battling it out with Shadow in the glare of the bright city lights.

Creating a brand new world of fun and adventure not really your thing? Then sit back and enjoy some of the most beautiful and exciting cartoons and movies you have ever laid eyes on. The Sonic RPG series has is known for being one of the most creative and interesting Sonic the Hedgehog series of all time. Now you have the chance to come and see why for yourself with several of the parts sitting right at your fingertips to enjoy.

How much would you expect to pay for all this fun and excitement? Try nothing! That is right, my friends. All of this Sonic gaming fun is yours to enjoy as often as you like for absolutely nothing. So what are you waiting for? Come on inside Sonic Games 365 and play as many free sonic video games as your little heart desires.

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