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Sonic Xtreme Sonic Xtreme – Sonic finds himself in the middle of a peculiar world that resembles that of Super Mario. He is challenged with various enemies and threats. Some will be very [...]
Sonic Xs Sonic Xs – Amy Rose has been kidnapped and held captive by the ever so evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic the Hedgehog has to fight his way to the top by gaining points and by destroying [...]
Sonic X Chaotic Battle Sonic X Chaotic Battle – Sonic X Chaotic Battle is an animated short pitting both Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog in what could only be described as Dragon Ball Z [...]
Sonic Vs Sonik Sonic vs. Sonik – This two player game using the same keyboard uses Sonic 3D sprites and unique MIDI music. One player controls Sonic using the WASD layout and the other play [...]
Sonic Tic Tac Toe 3 Sonic Tic Tac Toe 3 – Players can choose to play against another player or against the computer. The tic tac toe board pops up and the game begins. Each player selects the po [...]
Sonic Tic Tac Toe Sonic Tic Tac Toe – A new take on the classic game. Play with a friend on the same computer, or play against the computer. The X’s and O’s have been replaced with [...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz Sonic the Hedgehog Quiz – A true test for those that think they know everything there is to know about their favorite hedgehog. With colorful animation and video game soundtr [...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog – in This new flash game players can take their favorite character on a stroll down memory lane. The game is the closest that fans will get to the classic [...]
Sonic Tetris 2 Sonic Tetris 2 – The classic Russian puzzle game with a Sonic twist. The background features Sonic in profile while the puzzle blocks are composed of Sonic’s classic en [...]
Sonic Tetris 1 Sonic Tetris 1 – se the many formations of Sonic’s head to play the classic game of Tetris. You’ve seen him in his traditional blue, but this time Sonic is taking [...]
Sonic Test Run Sonic Test Run -Sonic the Hedgehog has challenged Shadow to a game of Battle Cards. As Shadow, you must travel the globe, scouring location after location searching for new battles [...]
Sonic Surf Sonic Surf – Spend time on your trusty surf board teaching Sonic how to master the finer, and funner points of the surfing world. A browser-based game like this is a delight [...]
Sonic Spin Bowl Sonic Spin Bowl – The game of bowling is always fun by itself, especially in simple browser based games like this. Add Sonic and friends to the mix and you’re going to [...]
Sonic Speedway Sonic Speedway – Part racing game and part puzzler, Sonic Speedway gives you the opportunity to race Sonic in a race to the finish. The pacing of the game is what makes it sp [...]
Sonic Snake Sonic Snake – Your goal is simple: make the snake as long as you can before running into any walls. You also have to avoid running into another important element: You! always [...]
Sonic Snack Dash Sonic Snack Dash – Like most hedgehogs, Sonic loves to taste those wonderful snacks that bring him the health he needs to maintain his world-respected speed records. In Sonic [...]
Sonic Smash Brothers BETA Sonic Smash Brothers BETA – In this new version of Sonic Smash Brothers, you get to choose our favorite little blue hero – or one of many other Sonic the Hedgehog video game [...]
Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers – Are you ready to battle to the death? Everybody knows that Sonic the Hedgehog is not only the fastest video game heroes, but one of the strongest. In S [...]
Sonic Slide Sonic Slide – Your mission is to complete a beautiful picture of Sonic the Hedgehog by moving the puzzle pieces around the board. This is a classic formula that has blessed n [...]
Sonic Sky Chase Sonic Sky Chase – In this arcade style game you will be riding on the wings of an airplane that is being flown by Tails. The object of the game is to try and kill as many ene [...]
Sonic Shorts: Volume 3 Sonic Shorts Volume 3 – Another grouping of some of the funniest and best Sonic the Hedgehog animated shorts you will find anywhere on the net. Watch, as the little blue guy [...]
Sonic Shorts: Volume 2 Sonic Shorts Volume 2 – In this highly funny, animated series about Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew; made by these artists:, BoozermaN, thewax70, Kaizoku, Gamebuddy, Knoxfan2 [...]
Sonic Shorts: Volume 1 Sonic Shorts Volume 1 – In this hilarious animated series about Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew, altogether in one giant comedy flash made by many artists; like black-the-hed [...]
Sonic Scene Creator v3 Sonic Scene Creator v3 – In this installment, players can choose from even more locations from the amazing world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Using beautiful flash animation, each [...]
Sonic Scene Creator v2 Sonic Scene Creator v2 – Which of you can make the best and greatest Sonic the Hedgehog game scene? Do you think you have what it takes to make a great Sonic the Hedgehog sce [...]
Sonic RPG Episode 6 Sonic RPG Episode 6 – Since the boom of the Sonic RPG series, and its popularity amongst fans. In Sonic RPG Episode 6, our hero Sonic the Hedgehog, must continue on his legen [...]
Sonic Quiz 3 Sonic Quiz 3 – You think you are a Sonic the Hedgehog expert, do you? Well let us just see exactly how smart you are when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog. Do you remember all [...]
Sonic Puzzle Sonic Puzzle – This game features all of the most memorable characters from the Sonic game, which are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. You will have to interact with the game usin [...]
Sonic Potatoe Head Sonic Potatoe Head – Customize their favorite hedgehog for free. In this game, there is a simple version of Sonic awaiting new arms, spikes, and accessories. Ever wanted Soni [...]
Sonic Platform Game 2 Sonic Platform Game 2 – Sonic began his career by embarking on classic side scrolling platform games, and it’s here that he returns to his roots and picks up speed in h [...]
Sonic Platform Game 1 Sonic Platform Game 1 – The objective is to gather all of the coins as fast as possible. Sonic must run from one side of the cliff to the other while picking up coins. If all [...]
Sonic Pinball Sonic Pinball – Look into the awesome eyes of Sonic the Hedgehog as you attempt to keep this wild pinball game from spiraling out of control. You’ll enjoy the scenery w [...]
Sonic Pacman 2 Sonic Pacman 2 – Sonic the hedgehogs character Knuckles The Echidna has to collect all the dots before being elliminated by the Sonic bad guys in Dr. Robotniks flying machine [...]
Sonic Pacman 1 Sonic Pacman 1 – Prepare to take Sonic into the classic maze found in the traditional Pac-man arcade game. The same four ghosts will be giving chase, but this time it’s [...]
Sonic Millionaire Sonic Millionaire – A take on the classic game “Who wants to be a millionaire” throws you into the merciless pit of Sonic trivia. Thankfully, you’ve been a [...]
Sonic Maze Craze Sonic Maze Craze – Players need to get through a complicated maze before the clock runs out, but with an extra twist. They can’t touch any of the walls. Interestingly, [...]
Sonic Match It Sonic Match It – Two images are the order of the day in this matching game. Chances are that they’re your favorite friends too. Keep in mind that this is a match two ga [...]
Sonic Lost In Mario World Sonic Lost In Mario World – Just as the name suggests, this game features Sonic the Hedgehog trapped in the world of Mario, crazy turtles and Venus Flytraps. Of course, Sonic [...]
Sonic Jigsaw 1 Sonic Jigsaw 1 – Is a very straightforward jigsaw puzzle game. You are shown a picture of Sonic, and must then put it back together from the various jigsaw puzzle pieces. The [...]
Sonic Invaders Sonic Invaders – The game takes on the popular arcade classic “Space Invaders” sees our hero Sonic doing something he’s never done before. Take him into the [...]
Sonic In Angel Island The Sonic in Angel Island – Sonic the Hedgehog is in incredible world of Angel Island. Sonic must run, duck and spin his way past the various obstacles to reach the goal. Pla [...]
Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle – Is basically a Sonic themed Tetris. The goal of the game is to stack blocks in such a way so that Sonic characters and powers will correspond to each ot [...]
Sonic Flash Sonic Flash- Sonic the Hedgehog must make his way through four zones in order to stop Dr. Eggman and his evil sidekick Mega Sonic. Solve the puzzles, collect the keys and Sonic win [...]
Sonic Epoch The Game Sonic Epoch The Game – This time, they have stolen our blue hero’s girlfriend, Amy Rose. You must once again, don the speedy red shoes of our hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, and fi [...]
Sonic Dress Up Sonic Dress Up – Sonic enters the fashion world in this fun activity game that allows you to make Sonic look his very best. Grab some swords and make Sonic the ultimate warri [...]
Sonic Comic Frame Creation Sonic Comic Frame Creation – Have you ever wanted to create your own comic book? More importantly, have you ever wanted to create your own Sonic the Hedgehog comic book? Of c [...]
Sonic Coloring Sonic Coloring – This game is sure to keep you busy creating different color combinations for Sonic and his friends. Try and use as many color combinations as possible. You c [...]
Sonic Character Designer Sonic Character Designer – One can create a Sonic character like no other by choosing and applying different hair, mouth, eyes, nose, ears and the list goes on in different s [...]
Sonic Boom Sonic Boom – You have to earn coins to unlock new characters. You play the game by first choosing your first Sonic character, then the power and range of the cannon. After sh [...]
Sonic Battle Cards Sonic Battle Cards – Fight opponents using your main character, as well as various battle cards that you collect from defeating your other opponents. Your beginning character [...]